Another zombie movie? I think not. This week the subs for this movie were finally completed and uploaded so I finally sat down in the dark (for full immersion) and watched it all.

Since a couple of months back I was always hearing people on dramalist talking about how amazing this movie was and when I  discovered that Gong Yoo and Ma Dong Seok were both in the cast I was sold. I was excited to say the least.


Seok Woo and his estranged daughter find themselves trapped on a high speed train destined for Busan during a viral outbreak. Along with a host of other passengers they must fight to survive the infected to make it to safety.




Gong Yoo – Seok Woo

Kim Soo An – Soo An

Ma Dong Seok – Sang Hwa

Jung Yoo Mi – Sung Kyung

So Hee – Jin Hee

Choi Woo Shik – Young Guk

Kim Eui Sung – Yong Suk


WARNING:  Movie Spoilers Ahead



The Plot:

I have seen a lot of zombie themed movies over the past couple of years and very many have been able to strike a balance between the emotion and action, but Train To Busan did. Throughout the action sequences I could feel the character’s desperation and fear, but one thing which I really did enjoy was that the plot was not far-fetched. No one did anything too unexplainable and the deaths of a number of the main characters didn’t feel like a spectacle, but more of natural and realistic scenario. I also like the fact that people did end up dying in vain, because I feel like a number of zombie movies make every death mean something deep when in truth death can happen without reason or meaning.


Character Observations:

Seok Woo:  Seeing Gong Yoo again after so long I remember why I fell in love with him so much. His face was so expressive and he was a strong presence throughout the entire movie. For me, the ending scene with his daughter made me cry like an actual baby. I rarely ever cry at movies, but he was excellent.


Soon An: I may have fallen in love with this child actress. For me, so dominated so much of the screen, my eyes were instantly drawn to her. Her scenes were the ones which touched my heart the most and the final scene when she is singing the song she practiced for her dad had me a crying mess. I have to such a love-hate relationship with child actors, but if she able to steal the scene from established actors at this age I can only imagine what she will be capable of in the future.


Sang Hwa: Ma Dong Suk recently became on my to watch list when I saw him in the recent drama 38 Task Force. He was almost like a breath of fresh air in amongst all the seriousness of the actual plot, his character was probably not meant to be perceived this way but it was nice seeing him again.His performance was strong.


Yong Guk: I did not know that my precious little angel Choi Woo Shik was in this movie! When I saw him at first I did a double take. He is always a pleasure to watch and I was rooting for him to survive. Even though his role wasn’t major I felt like his strongest scene was either when he was holding Jin Hee in his arms as she was turning or being confronted with a train carriage of his infected friends.


Jin Hee: Another familiar face. For me she really didn’t make that much of an impact, but it would have been hard with the strong performances from actors much more experienced. Her acting was strong throughout, but I must add that he scenes with Choi Woo Shik were a pleasure to watch and kind of makes me want someone to put them in a drama together.


Sung Kyung: I wasn’t entirely attached to this character at first, for some reason I felt like she had a much lower chance of dying that most of the other cast. With Ma Dong Seok playing her husband I felt like she didn’t get her chance to shine, but during the final third of the movie when her husband is dead I really felt like her acting got stronger. Her friendship and dedication to keeping Soo An safe was beautiful.


Yong Suk: Do we really have to talk about this character? This is the type of person I despise in movies and reality. The entitled idiot who only cares about them self. I wanted to punch him more than the infected which means that the actor did his job well.



Overall Review:


This movie was a pleasure to watch. Strange to say that about a movie with a large amout of death and heartbreak, but I would recommend to everyone. The ‘horror’ element is not as prevalent as I assumed and felt more charged with suspense than anything else. I feel like this one of those movies you gather a bunch of friends to watch. I was never bored and got the full package with this one.

Thank you so much for reading,



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