Otherwise known as Mutsumoto Jun and supporting cast steal my heart through their search for justice in this light-hearted law drama. Matsumoto Jun! How could I say no to this one?


Hiroto Miyama is a poor criminal lawyer, who pursues the truth for each of his clients in the 0.1% out of Japan’s 99.9% conviction rate. One day Hiroto is scouted to by Haruhiko Madarame, the head of Madarame Law Firm to join the company’s emerging Criminal Law department. Hiroto begins to work with Atsuhiro Sada a lawyer specializing in civil cases who has no interest in criminal cases which can not make the company money.


Ah, how could one be dissapointed which such a solid cast! I was not overly familiar with most of the cast, but I can see myself looking into their past roles. I started watching this drama because I was in a bit of a drama rut and really felt like delving back into jdramas. And, who better to do this with than the precious Matsumoto Jun? Really I have been a fan of Matsumoto Jun since I first saw him nail his role in Hana Yori Dango. Once again he really didn’t disappoint me. The character was quirky enough for drama standards and yet all of the little quirks Jun gave him were so endearing. He also had chemistry with every single character on screen, even the extras and the ‘bad guys’.

Our leading lady has me smiling too, a rare occurrence when it comes to jdramas. I’m sure most people have at least one moment when they just want the character to get herself a spine and that’s what Eikura Nana delivered. Her stern attitude and her love of pro-wrestling was such a lovely combination. I’m glad she didn’t do any of that ‘shout acting’ some Japanese actresses seem to favor. In particular, I loved the scene near the end of the series when she confronted the prosecutor about how hard it was being a female lawyer in a male dominated profession. It really touched me. She really was a delight.

Our other male lead had a lot more charm that I was first lead to believe. Atsuhiro Sada was one of those characters who was stupidly lovable even from the first episodes. He grows into his role as the show progresses. The chemistry between him and Matsumoto Jun was glorious and was bromance I needed in my life.

I would also like to make a comment on how much I enjoyed the supporting cast in the law office. From Jun’s hapless friend/ co-worker who keeps failing the bar, to Madarame the cunning yet secretive boss and everyone in between their role add to the plot and at no time could I imagine this drama being able to play out without them.

The Plot

As with most Japanese dramas the majority of the show was a lot more episodic than plot driven, however it suited this show. The writing allowed me enjoy the characters and how the characters responded to situations made sense. I do think the main downfall of the show is they left us with a massive cliffhanger/plot hole. It felt like for the last few episodes they were setting up for a season two (I hope so!). This did not bother me too much as the quality of the rest of the drama was amazing. I would like to clarify that this is a fun and entertainig drama, however if you are looking for some of the classic jdrama romance this is not one for you.

Overall Opinions

I would not use love to describe this drama experience, more of a very strong like. There really was nothing wrong with it and as I said before this was the kick I needed to get back into jdramas. With great main and supporting characters and a fun and exciting plot I would urge everyone to put this on their watch list, particularly for any die-hard fan of Matsumoto Jun because he really is an angel in this.


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