Today I will be talking about my current drama obsession – OCN dramas. Looking for something a little different, perhaps a bit heavier than your typical kdrama romcom you should try one of the dramas on this list.

Bad Guys (2014)

What can I say? I enjoy looking at Park Hae Jin’s face and plus Ma Dong Seok has place in my heart after his role in Train To Busan (2016). This title does not lie because the guys in the drama are violent which is probably why I sped through those twelve episodes over the span of a single weekend. This drama didn’t try to shovel a redemption arc in my face, but instead created an actual justified back story for every character and managed to do it well. Plus, season two has been confirmed so there’s another reason to start this.

Missing Noir M (2015)

Okay, I enjoyed this drama, but in a passive sense. It is far from the best on this list, yet is does have it charm with solid cases, likeable characters and an original concept. My problem with this mainly lies in the lackluster ending. Ten episodes was not enough to tell this full story, perhaps another season would do the trick. Still worth a watch.

Tunnel (2017)

Finally, I get to see Choi Jin Hyuk in a leading role where I can enjoy the drama. I’ve always felt pretty meh about his previous works, but this drama is hitting the spot for me. This drama focuses on a detective who is transported from 1986 to 2017 and I am living for it. This currently airing drama is wildly underrated in my opinion with an exceptional cast including Yoon Hyun Min, Jo Hee Bong and Vixx’s Cha Hakyeon.

Voice (2017)

Ah, the drama which started this whole thing. Pair Jang Hyuk and Lee Ha Na together and you should really just expect greatness. From the first episode of this show I was hooked and really I don’t want to say anything other than please watch this show. It is really heart wrenching at times and had me hooked from the first episode.

38 Task Force (2016)

Yes,  this drama is one of the lighter dramas OCN has under it’s belt. This fun crime drama sees our favorite Seo In Guk playing a charming criminal and Ma Dong Seok playing the hopeless officer who he teams up with him to right corruption. Along with a cast of supporting characters who I adore watching this felt more like a really long heist movie with great plot twists.

My Secret Romance (2017)

Finally, I’m sure everyone has already heard about this drama and to some it may also come as a surprise to see it on this list filled with murder and mayhem, but this OCN’s first foray into the romance genre. The actual show was produced by Dramafever so expect a high level of cheese, but despite the fact that this drama is trope ridden it is also pretty progressive for kdramas. If you enjoy a romance give this shot, perhaps use it as a break between the other dramas on this list. This drama is also currently airing.

Have you seen any of the dramas I have mentioned? Any suggestions for which OCN drama I should start next?




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