This is the second mini drama which has made it’s way onto my list of favorites, proving that brevity is sometimes just as good.

Individualist Ms. Ji Young follows a twenty-something woman who prefers to remain in isolation and how her life begins to change when she become involved with her upbeat, sociable neighbor.

When I first read the plot summary I was worried that the writer was going to go with the oh so common trope of love curing a persons mental illness, however it quickly came apparent that this was not the case. Instead this mini drama had one of the most realistic portrayals of mental illness that I have seen within the drama-world for quite a long time. Both the male and female lead are dealing with their own mental issues in different ways and we find out why both characters are the way they are.

There is a notable strength in both characters, especially the female lead. And despite this strength both Gong Myung and Min Hyo Rin are able to bring a believable level of vulnerability to their characters

I was genuinely immersed from the first few minutes and never took my eyes from the screen until I had watched both episodes. It felt like such an intimate experience watching this drama and despite the melancholy atmosphere, in the end I had such a warm feeling in my heart.

Being able to capture such beautiful story within the two hours given is impressive, especially since they were able to discuss sensitive issues with respect and provide both characters with strong development and closure. Incredibly worth the watch.


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