This show was fluffy, cute and charming yet I am certainly under no allusions that it was a masterpiece. I still enjoyed it. Each episode fully embraced drama tropes and often did it well. Personally, part of the allure of this drama was the overall cheesiness.

I think, in a way, that Sung Hoon has proved himself as a good actor. He certainly isn’t the best in the business, but his beautifully expressive face is all too watchable and it’s nice to see him improving. I’ve never seen Song Jieun’s acting before however it did match the tone of the drama and the character she was portraying and their overall chemistry was also good.

One thing I did love about this drama was how it represented sexuality positively and casually. The main couple was linked through an initial one night stand and they weren’t shamed for it, the female lead read and enjoyed erotic novels casually and her mother is open and proud about her past as an adult movie star. It’s so nice to see these things being more prevalent in dramas.

Consent was also something I liked seeing in this drama. During their first kiss leading up to the one night stand the male lead took a moment to make sure that the female lead was okay with what was happening and where they were going. I think this is why I enjoyed the kisses so much because none of them felt forced. There were thankfully none of those strange open-eyed still lip kisses here.

I’m sure everyone who has watched the final few episodes understands my major gripe with this drama. It seemed like what spoiled it was the writers attempt to force the melodrama down our throat at the last minute which did nothing but sour the fluffy atmosphere they had been building through the previous episodes.

In all honesty they could have ended this drama with maybe ten or eleven episodes by simply cutting out all of the flashbacks. It just felt like lazy writing.

I did enjoy this drama and the mindless entertainment it provided me. Though I would suggest that if you’re planning to watch this drama go into with web drama standards. Don’t expect major character development, just sit back and enjoy a nice fluffy romance with moments of good writing followed by equally mediocre ones.


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