Finally I have been able to get around to writing down my thoughts on the ending of this drama.

The opening couple of episodes weren’t particularly thrilling for me despite being visually pleasing. I think that my main issue was the pace was a little too slow in the first half of the drama compared to the second half. Though I feel like the pacing was just a personal preference as it was an integral part of setting up the drama’s overall atmosphere. Once the drama picked up I found myself tuning in each week with higher expectations and they were met continuously.

The writers did a good job of weaving the past and present together seamlessly. Though I did find the past and the story of the Joseon Youth Alliance much more compelling. Perhaps because this was quite an unexplored time period in opinion.

This drama would have not been as good if it not for the acting talent they managed to get on board. The main cast of Yoo Ah In, Lim Soo Jung and Go Kyung Po had great chemistry and made the relationships much more complex and believable.

As an aspiring writer myself I found the importance the writers placed upon storytelling as one of my favorite elements. So many of the small struggles of being a writer are included in this drama as well as some of the more overarching philosophical questions writers face throughout their career.

Overall, I would totally recommended this drama if you are looking for a unique, well-acted story with a good conclusion.


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