I have a love-hate relationships with thai dramas because most of the time they end up being cheesy and over dramatic, but sometimes that’s what a girl needs.

If you’re a person who is even mildly familiar with Thai dramas you will have probably heard of the popular U-Prince series which is made up of multiple four episode mini dramas each focusing on a new couple.

So far I have seen most of the mini dramas in this series but after being severely disappointed by The Playful Comm-Arts I took a break. A couple of weeks later I came across a couple of cute screenshots and I was convinced.

The plot is essentially our female lead Mel B is dumped by her science loving boyfriend with the reason that they are too alike. Hippy (our male lead) decides he wants Mel B’s Beatles t-shirt as a fan of the band so Mel B comes up with a plan to see if her ex-boyfriend was right about them being too similar. In exchange for the t-shirt Hippy must pretend to be her boyfriend for five days.

I knew I there were cliches abound as soon as I read the synopsis and yet I still enjoyed every minute of it because Hippy and Mel B were just ridiculously adorable! Despite being cast as the nerdy girl she still had courage and great heart and Hippy was not the typically jerk rocker. He was possibly one of the cutest and most earnest characters I have come across ever. As soon as he had accepted his role as pretend boyfriend he was totally into it. There was no awkwardness.

Now plot, really it was predictable. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been watching dramas for a few years now or if they didn’t really try to hide it. So I’m going to insert a trigger warning for amnesia here. Kdrama fans are probably putting this drama on their blacklist now. Don’t be so hasty! The amnesia lasts like thirty minutes at most and has a cute ending.

More than that this drama gave me such a happy buzz when I was watching it. It is genuinely just a nice fluffy romance drama with a little angst.

Also if you are a person who has watched the U-Prince series before it is fun to spot the different previous male and female leads. The interactions between all these characters in the U-Prince universe is what I live for.


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